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Responsible for Content:

Special Interest Group 3D (SIG 3D) of the Spatial Data Infrastructure Germany (GDI-DE)
Speaker of SIG3D:
Dr.-Ing. Egbert Casper
phone: 0049 2191 4600 750
email: cas(at)



For the internet pages of SIG3D, the copyright and all other rights lie with the SIG3D. Further dissemination, also in parts, for pedagogic, scientific or private purposes is allowed, provided that the source is indicated (unless otherwise expressly stated on the respective page). Use for commercial purposes shall require the approval by the SIG3D. Contact the SIG3D.



These internet pages serve for information only. Their contents were compiled with due diligence. However, SIG3D shall not assume any liability, neither expressly nor implied, for the type or correctness of the material offered and shall not be liable (including liability for indirect loss or loss of profit) for the material or use of this material. In case contents of websites of the SIG3D violate valid legal regulations, we kindly ask you to inform us immediately. We will then remove the site or the respective contents as quickly as possible.


References to External Websites

The websites of SIG3D contain links to information offered by servers which are not subject to the control and responsibility of the SIG3D. SIG3D shall not assume any responsibility or guarantee for this information and shall not approve of or support such information in terms of contents.


Data Protection and IT Safety

SIG3D shall be obliged to protect the private sphere of all persons using our site and to treat confidentially the personal data transmitted to us. The data shall be used exclusively for the purposes indicated and not disclosed to third parties. Your data will be deleted as soon as they will have served the purpose indicated.
Presently, coding techniques are being applied on our websites for authentification only. Hence, you have to assume that unauthorized persons take note of your data on their way to us. If you want to avoid this, contact the unit or person indicated by other means.

To maintain your session, it may be required to set a cookie under certain circumstances.

Possibly, your web browser or client software transmits information via your computer (e.g. your IP address) to our servers through no fault  of your own. Such information shall never be brought directly in connection with you, but will only be evaluated in anonymous form for purposes of statistics, system administration or to improve the performance of our internet offer.